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Penn Hills Photo Album

Here are some pictures of Penn Hills People, our families, our high school friends, even our businesses! Do you recognize anyone?

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 If you have pictures that you would like to post, (You, your family, old friends, your business, etc), e-mail us at and we will be glad to post them here for you. Thanks, and hope to see your smilin' face real soon!

Click on the Name below to see their pictures.

Photos from the Class of 1974 Reunion

PHHS Class of 1985 Reunion

PHHS Class of 1979 Reunion

PHHS Class of 1970 Reunion

Robert's Elementary, Class of 1956-1957

PHHS Class of 1974 Reunion

Penn Hills Class of 1971, Reunion (07/17/04)

Cynthia Kerchner, PHHS 1971

St. Bart's 8th Grade, Class 1966

Jim Badali '74's Paul Shannon's Adventure Time Pictures

St. Bart's 8th Grade Class of 1968

Dean Romito and Larry Braun vs. Butler H.S. '77

The Boyd House Barn, Rosedale

Class of 1970 as Children

Penn Hills Class of '78 Reunion (to view the pictures you will be asked to join their group)

Colleen Long, PHHS 1970

Lottie Anndrea Townsend-Brown PHHS '86

T.L. Terry Lee

Fright Night at Kennywood 2003, from Roseann Derdock Sites PHHS '76

Vonnie Truschel's Igniters Night

A COUPLE OF 1971ish BANDS...

Tom Lockhart PHHS '71

Some Old Friends Get Together at the Igniters Reunion Show

Mike Kainaroi '78 Class Pictures

Class of '71 (Mini Reunion)

Some 1970 Grads "Golf Outing"

 NOTE: The 1970 "Golf Outing" pictures require an e-mail address: and a password: PHHS . Both e-mail address and password are case sensitive!

Jim Badali, PHHS 1974

PHHS Class of 1981 Website

JoAnn (Tripoli) Henry, PHHS 1969 and Family

John Glover, PHHS 1971

Ralph Santoliquido '73 and Carla (Krupski) Santoliquido '73

Sound of Music, Dress Rehearsal, PHHS 1971

Nancy Black, PHHS 1975, and Family

Harold W. (Hal) George, PHHS 1969, and Family

Paul Randour and Chris Iorio, PHHS 1973

Don Hoffman, PHHS 1971

Class of 1975, the Younger Years

Forbes Elementary, 1972

The Marching Band at Disney, PHHS 1979

Penn Hills Class of 1972 Reunion

NOTE:The Class  of 1972 Reunion pictures require an e-mail address: and a password: PHHS . Both e-mail address and password are case sensitive!

Penn Hills Class of 1969 Reunion

Peggy McKeever (Elk), PHHS 1972 and Leonard Elk, PHHS 1970

Bobbi (Nardina) Checchio, PHHS 1975, and Family

Geoff Santoliquido, PHHS 1972

Ruth and Joe Wilson, PHS 1943

Adrian Cronauer, PHS 1956

Betty Jo Wareham

Some Penn Hills Band Friends, 1972 and 1973

Denis Altenburger Then and Now, PHHS 1970

Dena Pribich, PHHS 1970

Jeri Frizza, PHHS 1970, and Family

Val (Riddinger) Swearingen and Several Class Pictures, PHHS 1978

Barb Haack, PHHS 1971

Fred Carroll, PHHS 1971

Stage Crew (circa 1978)

William Villalpando, PHHS 1979, and Family

Rosedale Beach Club (circa 1970)

Some Old Friends Get Together, PHHS 1970

Doug Gebhard, PHHS 1971, and Family

Karen Gray Shelley, PHHS 1971

Susan Frank (D'Ambrosio), PHHS 1968

Walter (Walt) Gray, PHS 1944, and Joanne (Winston) Gray, PHS 1947

Rosann Josek-Patterson, PHHS Class of 1970

Dorth Clarke, PHS Class of 1958

Marilyn Bott, PHS 1958

Jim Mannella, PHHS 1970 (almost)

Jim (Sonny) Derdock, PHHS 1970

William (Bill) Freidhof, PHHS 1978

Lottie Anndrea Townsend-Brown, PHHS '86

Phyllis Frizza, PHHS 1970

Dave Maxwell, PHHS 1975

Jan Scuro and a Few Friends


     "Smile! You're in Penn Hills People!"

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