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Penn Hills Photo Album
Rosedale Beach Club (circa 1970)

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Photos contributed by Denis Altenburger,  PHHS 1970


Can you identify any of these people? We know Doug Free and Bill Wright are in the front row, and Bill Hammill and Mr. Ford are in the back row, but who are the others? If you can identify them, e-mail us at and we will further label them!





Who are these guys and gals? E-mail us at and we will label the picture!

* Hey, thanks for the pictures of Rosedale. I was on this staff from the time I was in 7th grade until college. My memory for names is very poor but I think I might know how to figure out who these people are. I am going to call or e-mail Mr. Ford. I still keep in touch with him some. He was a huge influence in my life. Bill Hammill is actually the first guy on the right in the front row. The guy next to him may be his brother. In the back, the first girl is a girl names Casey but I cannot think of her last name. The next one may be me. The picture is not coming up real well on my computer so I cannot tell. The next person may be Carol Ferraco (74) who worked there for a short while with us. The blond might be Patty Massaro (75)whose sister Nancy later married Bill Hammill. I used to babysit for the guy in front of Mr. Ford. He was Mr. Ford's neighbor but that is all I remember. The bottom picture is from the Rosedale Feet swim team. Doug Free was the coach and Bill Hammill and Casey were the stars. I recognize both of the others but am lost for names. I will think about it, see if I can find my pictures and get back to you. Thanks again, P.S. I helped paint the snack bar every year and I had forgotten completely about doing it red, white and blue.  Ronnie Snitker (Sylvester)

* Looking at the Penn Hills Swimming Pool pictures. I grew up directly across 3rd Street. Graduated from Penn Hills in 1955. David Holtzman

* I remember being able to buy snacks and candy from the parking lot side of the snack bar at Rosedale Beach Club.... Denis Altenburger '70

* OK...The first picture, I'm ready to go to the bank on...Second row, left to right...1st girl,  Sue Gartner ('72); 2nd girl...   Sherry Gartner ('75); 3rd girl...   Not sure; 4th girl... (Ronnie Sylvester is correct)...  Patty Massaro
All I have for now, though I've asked some others for some feedback.
Jim Gartner, '78

* In the first picture of Rosedale Beach Club ....The fourth girl from the left, (under Captain Bob's 'V' for victory sign), is Maureen Fulmer.  When Ronnie mentioned a girl named Casey, she may have been thinking of Casey Shiring who married Carl Haftl and still lives in Penn Hills as of a few years ago. The last photo has Doug Free standing behind Bill Hammill and yes, I think that in fact is Casey Shiring next to him. We had some great swim teams. John Foley